Giving Townes a Chance of a Lifetime!

by Townes' Team

We're supporting: 2021 Chance of a Lifetime Challenge Fund by Enduring Hearts, Inc.


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Let's Give Them the Chance of a Lifetime! 

A heart transplant is just the beginning. 
Most people do not know that a heart transplant is not a cure but only a bridge to life and, that on average, a pediatric heart transplant lasts only 17 years. Sadly, one in four transplants will fail within five years, primarily due to organ rejection. That is why we fund the critical, yet often overlooked research that's needed to give our heart warriors the best chance at a beautifully ordinary childhood. 

We want to help them achieve their dreams for the future.
Our heart heroes have big dreams of what they’ll be when they grow up and we invite you to give to help these kids have the chance of a lifetime - and the chance to be a paleontologist, a firefighter, a ballerina, or a doctor.

Together, we can make an impact.
Because of the support of generous donors like you, Enduring Hearts has funded over $6.5 million in research, partnering with the brightest minds across North America to solve the complex problems facing our youngest heart warriors. Our researchers are making progress toward discovering treatments designed for children that will preserve their childhood and give them a lifetime of tomorrows. We are collectively driven to advance science to the bedside so that a child's life will not be impacted by a heart transplant within the next decade.

 The 2021 Chance of a Lifetime Challenge Fund is critical to raising community matching gifts on #GivingTuesday, November 30, 2021. Our goal is to raise $150K  which will allow us to invest in one additional pediatric transplant research study aimed at helping children live longer, healthier lives. We know that when community and business leaders like You give,  others will follow!

Together, we can help them achieve their dreams.
Let's give them the chance of a lifetime today!

80 cents on every dollar directly fund our research and family programs!

Our son, Townes, was born on 02/06/20 with hypoplastic left heart syndrome.  He received his first catheterization procedure immediately following his birth and we learned on February 7th, his best chance at living would be to be place on the pediatric heart transplant list to receive a donor heart. Whew.


Years ago, my husband and I learned that the word Hope when translated in the Greek means in anticipation or in expectation of good. With this in mind, early during our stay, we decided to circle a day on our calendar to await in anticipation to take our son home (Easter – 04/12/20). Hope became our catalyst, our foundation, for the months that followed the birth of our son. We experienced scary days, hard days, and days filled with uncertainty but we also experienced joy in these days from the love and care we received.


Our countdown was dwindling down with only 12 days remaining and it seemed impossible, but then our son received the greatest and most priceless gift on March 28th.  What seemed impossible become possible!


And with our continued expectation of good, as a family of 3 with our two puppies waiting at home, we took our son home before Easter (with 3 days to spare)!  Townes also became the first pediatric heart transplant patient to go home during the global pandemic from Monroe Carrell Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. We learned that Hope can be found even in the direst of circumstances.


We are now partnering with Enduring Hearts to ensure that all pediatric transplant recipients are given the CHANCE OF A LIFETIME. Through ongoing research and innovation, Enduring Hearts is advancing the quality and quantity of life for our son and others like him.


We are better together and together we can make a difference. We are honored and blessed to be partnered with you in consideration of support for this amazing organization.


With Love – The Stephens (Scott, Maleah & Townes)